Can you use Macy's gift cards to buy coach?

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  1. I have a $50 GC from Macy's coming to me as one of my debit card rewards. Does anyone know if you can purchase Coach with a GC or if it's excluded?!? Thanks,
  2. yes, you CAN buy coach at macys with a gift card. I'm an employee too, so that's a definite yes =]
  3. Yes you can, and congrats on your reward!
  4. I think I spend ALL my Macy's gift cards and certificates on Coach. The saleswomen are in awe of me cuz I do it from the stuff on sale....and end up walking out with stuff for almost nothing.
  5. Eyegirl--don't wait too long to go to Macy's. They have lots of Coach on clearance-50% off list and a coupon will work with clearance stuff on top of the markdown as well. With a Macy's card this can be 15% additional or 20% if you've been sent a coupon for having the Macy's card--card rewards they call that. Good luck--a gift card for using a debit card is like found money--use it with a clearance bag and it's even better.
  6. that is why I use my debit card all the time. right now I have enough poins for 100.00