Can you use Macy's coupon to buy Coach?

  1. Although I don't have any coupon right now, I know Macy's usually gives out 20% off coupons during the year. Just wondering if anyone has used theirs to purchase Coach bags there or are they exempted? I hope I posted this in the right subforum.
  2. I am not positive, but I don't think so.. which stinks! :tdown: As a matter of fact, I just got 2 coupons in the mail from macy's yesterday and they both say on the back that they can not be used for coach.. before I read that I was really excited!
  3. They ususually exept coach and dooney :sad:
  4. They are always excluded unless there is a typo on the coupon and I have not seen that happen for years. The only exception is if you open a credit card then the percentage off you get the first day does apply to Coach.
  5. Nope you can't use it. I tried a few months ago and mine stated on the back in super tiny lettering, no coach, impulse and so on.
  6. Depends on the SA's at Macys. Some will let you with no problem, others won't.
  7. Otherwise, the Friends and Family sale at Macy's usually takes place twice a year and that definitely includes Coach and everything else.
  8. Usually says in the tiny small print that the savings excludes coach :sad:
  9. The only time that you can use the coupon at Macys for Coach or any other designer brand. Is usually around Christmas time when they send out Family and Friends and its usually 20 percent off all. If you don't have coupon the sales person will give you one to use if you ask. Hope this helps. It is one time a year that they offer this , so does Lord & Taylor. I will post when it becomes available...
  10. The next F&F should be in November.
  11. ^Yes, that's what my SA told me, too... woo-hoo!!! BTW, yvalenz, I loooove you avatar!
  12. Can you use gift certificates cards for Macys on Coach?
    I plan on saving up mypoints , points for gift cards at Macys?
    It will take more than a year to save up enough points, but I think it will be a good use of them.
  13. the next F&F should be around labor day.. then the next in december.. kinda reminds me of PCE
  14. Yes, you can use gift cards to buy Coach. As far as the friends and family 20% coupon, the sale started today here in TX and the back of the coupon does say that Coach & Dooney are excluded. If an SA tries to scan the coupon at the time of purchase, it should not ring up on these items. It is true though that if you open up an account and purchase a Coach bag this weekend, the 20% will be discounted when you get the statement. The new account discount is usually only 15% any other time.
  15. Is the coupon good for online purchases? If so, would anyone be so kind as to share the online code with their fellow tPFer Friends?