Can you use Hermes 45x45 cm small scarf as a headband?

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  1. So can the small square scarf be wore as a headband or do you have to buy twilly? Tia!
  2. I've worn one tied on the bias as a headband, it's a bit more substantial than just using a twilly as a headband but it worked fine.
  3. I was intrigued by this question as I didn't think it was going to be long enough, but just tried it (folded on the bias, per above) and it just tied. Although I suspect my head is on the large side. :lol:
  4. Here's an example of mine if that helps.

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  5. Lady Baga's tie is nicer than mine.

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  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely mod pics ladies! I need to try out this look for spring - it looks really cute (if I may say so) but also smart.
  7. If you are referring to a pocket square, yes.
    Makes a great headband.
  8. Love this!!
    Which pattern is this?
  9. Oh thank you very much ladies, this was big help! I'm totally new to Hermes and thinking about getting small scarf to wear as a headband, thought about twilly also, but seems that small size more versatile, or what do you think?
  10. Personally, I think a twilly is more versatile than a pochette. I find the pochette size a bit awkward to tie around the neck without feeling choked. Whereas I find a twilly's long thin dimensions quite versatile... Headband, necktie, bracelet etc.

    You could also potentially consider a maxi twilly?
  11. I have 4 gavroches (45s) and no twillys.

    The pocket square is a great place to start a scarf collection. The good thing about a twilly is it's better to wind it round a handle of a bag to protect it, although you can tie a 45 around a handle for decoration.

    I was told too many times about people losing their twillys which has always scared me off a bit
  12. Maxi twilly maybe, I'm just concerned that maybe it is huge for wearing as a headband.
  13. memo, yours looks great!!! I love the pattern of yours, too! :smile: