Can you use Coach's leather cleaner and moisturizer on the new legacy leather?

  1. I just got my legacy satchel in black and was wondering if I could use the Coach's leather products on it?

    Also, do you think shining monkey can be used on it to protect it from the rain?
  2. NO. The card that came with my Ali bag specifically says NOT to use either of the Coach products. It says that if you get a scratch, you can rub it with your finger and the natural oils will smooth it out. LOL These are the same directions that Coach provides for burnished leather bags (I've got one of those, too).

    I've never used Shining Monkey on anything, so I can't vouch for it. But I know I'm not going to put a darn thing on my Ali bag. :smile:
  3. When I was looking at the Legacy Satchel, I noticed it looked like carp. It appeared that they had either demonstrated what happened if you put cleaner & moisturizer on it or had demonstrated something else on the bag. At least I hope so. Because the bag had alot of spots and blotches on it. They did tell my about scratches and rubbing them out.
  4. this is frustrating for me, esp. since i work at coach but its true, theres nothing techincally you could do for it except using your hand to rub it, either for stains or for scratches.

    white would definitely not be an everyday color, whiskey could almost pass muster but it would still show dirt if you abuse it enough.

    black is probably the safest

    =P too bad i have a white thing going on..white
  5. I have to say my Whiskey Ali bag does scratch a lot, but rubbing it also does make it look okay again. Today was the real test, because it poured down rain the whole time. I had bet (perhaps unwisely) that the water spots would dry out and not show permanently, and hallelujah I was right. It's so nice to finally have a good leather bag that I don't have to be afraid to take out in bad weather. Yay, Coach!