can you use an Hermes scarf this way?

  1. I would not advise you to wear an Hermes scarf as a veil over your top haired as you might find that your vision will be impaired.
  2. huh? is the image working? Coz the pic I'm showing is worn on the neck
  3. There is only a veil in the first picture, and the second doesn't show a scarf at all.
  4. Sorry - neither of those pictures seem to have a scarf anywhere? Maybe you linked the wrong pictures.

  5. lmao! i thought the exact same thing!
  6. in the words of the wise chris rock -- S--t, you could drive a car with your feet if you want[ed] to. That don't make it a good f--kin' idea...!
  7. The first version might work.

    With kneepads and a really really really close friend...
  8. *LOL* :lol::upsidedown::lol:
  9. Why don't you wear it like the one on the naked lady at the bottom of the first picture? ( a case of the Emperor's new clothes methinks.............)
  10. There are lots of scarf tying booklets on eBay which should be a great help. Or, you can look at photos in this forum on scarf tying ideas. There are so many that I'm sure you will find some you will love. Perhaps someone here remembers a thread with photos.
  11. that's so weird for some reason it works when I click it. anyway I just attached it here
    92790011122209lond9.jpg 92813013122425loeb2.jpg
  12. please let me know if the pics I uploaded here don't work either because I've been clicking on the links I've posted and it's showing Rachel Bilson's picture with a scarf. So something must be wrong with my pc if the pics I uploaded don't show either. Thanks
  13. Have any better pix? Since the scarf is dark it's difficult to tell how it is tied.