Can you use a leather moisturizer after waterproofing?

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  1. I bought the Coach leather cleaner and moisturizer yesterday, and Kiwi waterproofing spray today, but I'm not sure how to use the spray with the other two.

    Once I use a waterproofing spray, can I just use the cleaner and moisturizer as usual? Or do I have to re-waterproof each time I clean/moisturize?

    (I'm actually not using the products on a handbag, but on a high-end thick leather notebook cover. It's dyed red and "veg-tanned" and dyed with the "pit method," whatever that is. Unfortunately, it's imported and I can't figure out what care products are compatable, so I know I'm taking a chance, but I'll try the products on a tiny spot inside first before I go whole-hog. However, first I need to understand the general principles of using the products).
  2. After using the waterproofing spray, I would still continue using the cleaner and moisturiser. However, since it's a book, I wouldn't use the waterproofing spray that often, since I assume it will be more protected than a bag that you carry around outdoors.
  3. Thank you so much! :smile:
  4. Yes, you need to re-apply both. I use spray every half a year on my bags and moisturize them with gel whenever it's needed (every 3 months or when leather gets dry and not super supple like it should be).
  5. I'm a new member here so I'm just now seeing this thread. I have had the exact same question and now I have the answer! Thanks so much for the info. I'm very happy to have found this site.
  6. Newbie here! I am prepping a new bag would you apply waterproofing then conditioner, or conditioner first then waterproof over it?
  7. Condition first, then waterproof.
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