Can you use 2 credit card to purchase an item at NM?

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  1. Hello, I was wondering what if you want to make a purchase that's more than your credit card limit. Would NM let you to use 2 credit cards?

    Any info would be appreciated
  2. Yes, they will. I purchased a Chanel jacket after not having used my card for years, and they had lowered my limit because of non-use. So they put most of it on the card for my points, and the little bit that was left over on my banking card.
  3. yes, they do....
  4. Im pretty sure every store allows this. They just split up the payments.
  5. Yes they do, I just bought a Chanel bag from NM a week ago and I was able to split my bill on two credit cards.
  6. Hmm I actually asked my SA about it. She said I can use 2 CC only if one of them is NM card, otherwise one option I can do is to purchase gift card, then use 1 CC for the remaining balance.
  7. I would think that if you need to do this, you probably don't need the item.
  8. Yes, most places will
  9. Wrong thread, unless OP asked for support on a ban :smile:
  10. Actually a lot of CC have per day limits of say 3,000 dollars so if u want a 5,000 Chanel you might have I split

  11. This is not necessarily true - I don't use credit cards, only debit cards with a Visa or MC logo, and there are daily limits that are well below my current balance, so there are many times I have to split my payment! You can call and ask for a temporary increase, but it's only good for 24 hours and then it resets itself. And if you're making an unplanned purchase, there's not always time to call and ask for them temporary increase.