Can you top this?......

  1. No. I seriously don't think so.

    I. am. an. Hermes. junkie.....after today, I am convinced I'm a lost cause. Not even intervention will help....

    Today, I bid on and won a 1940's Hermes Advertisement showcasing a glorious Gold Kelly and the exact same scarf I just bought from OT. :shocked: :shocked: Even I can't believe myself....I saw OT's, loved it and then lo and behold there was one for sale on eBay, I bid and the darn thing is mine.

    i love it......i really do.....

    thank God I can admit to this stuff and I mean NO-ONE else would understand :shame:
  2. I know; it's like therapy, but free!

    Congratulations! So, where are the pics? I'm dying to see!
  3. are there blue gloves in the picture? if so... oh, I love that print... and scarf and bag... you are no "junkie", and need nice frames not intervention! you are a "connoisseur" my lady!:yes:
  4. THAT'S IT! THAT'S THE ONE, AVA!!!! I think it'll go in my office....don't think DH would appreciate it in the livingroom....:rolleyes:
  5. OH ! :nuts: it is saved in my "favorites" file...and I also went on the scarf hunt, and took a printout of the photo to hermes in Paris to find those gloves.. I do not just love the goods, I love the history, the photos...anything you got :yes:
  6. would someone please post the picture here so we can all drool together?
  7. Well thank God I'm not know, I just KNOW that I'll be on the glove hunt too once Fall rolls around. I'd LOVE to have a pair of Hermes leather gloves! Chocolate to go with the Cashmere shawl I have a feeling I'll be owning soon:shocked:
  8. when I get my camera back... (it's in florida:shocked: , long story), I will post some :heart: :love: :heart: hermes glove pictures:P just a lill' something I also like to collect..:shame:
  9. I would, but I do not know how to get the picture from my favorites to here...untill my husband does it :shame: ... me, very computer illiterate:biggrin:
  10. Congratulations shopmom! It sounds spectacular :heart:
  11. BTW, ...I have ...seen others...;) but you bought the best one!
  12. shopmom - :lol: - i just adore you!!!!!!

    ohhhh - Hermes gloves...I LOVE Hermes gloves:love:
  13. how long have the Kelly and Birkin styles been around? (Please don't beat me for not knowing...I am new to Hermes!)
  14. oh yes the kelly was invented around 1930 and the first birkins came up in 1986:flowers: