Can you to tell me what sort of leather is this!?!

  1. Dear Birkin lovers,

    I got my first Birkin from Paris last November. Could any of you tell me what is this leather, Clemence or Togo?? I'm really confused.

    Thanks all,
  2. would help to see the sides (how the leather folds look) and the straps when they are dangling off the guides. clemence generally looks softer and drapes more imo. if i had to guess, i would say togo based on the slight sheen and bumpier grain (as opposed to clemence looking more matte with larger, flatter grain).
  3. Togo?
  4. Looks like Togo to me too. Did you check the receipt? Sometimes, it mentions the leather.
  5. Due to refund tax at the airport, they took my receipt!!! It's kind of soft and heavy.
  6. Would need more close-ups to be sure but my guess is togo.
  7. my vote is togo.
  8. togo--plus there is no visible sagging like there are often is withclemence
  9. I think it's togo too...

    Try perhaps to contact the store, they can probably check your invoice.
  10. If it's unstuffed, it's behaving like togo.
  11. It looks like togo to me as well. They best way is to bring it to the store if you want to be 100% sure.
  12. I also think it's togo.
  13. 100% agree - togo. Also, despite the flash i think the black colour looks more like togo that clemence.
  14. When you rub your hand on the bag, does it feel scratchy? My togo is so scratchy but my clemence is not (even though they do look similar).