Can you tell?

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  1. Can you tell in paypal if a buyer paid via debit card or paypal cash, or credit card? thanks!
  2. Not as I've known of....
  3. Not that I know of as well.
  4. There is no way for you to know by looking at the payment and PayPal will not tell you if you ask.
  5. If the seller doesn't have a PP business account, then they won't be able to "retrieve" a buyer's payment made by credit card.

    Just relating my personal experience with a seller who only used PP for cash transfers. We were unable to do business because I need credit card protection for my purchases.
  6. I thought when you paid with paypal balance the person receiving the payment didn't have to pay fees, did this change? That's how I would know if someone paid with CC or PP balance.
  7. that's only if you don't have a premier account, when you upgrade you pay fees on all payments received :push:

    why would you want to know how a person paid anyway? :confused1: