Can you tell which LV I have in my new avatar?

  1. hee hee, sorry it's a little small but I bet you LV experts can guess - ??? :nuts:
  2. Cabas Piano/Mezzo?
  3. I thought the same thing! :yes:

  4. That was my guess too:yes:
  5. DANG you guys are too darn quick!!

    ding ding ding...yep it's the Cabas Piano! First time I ever took her traveling...this was taken in Laguna Beach last spring at the nearby Mission San Juan Capistrano...beautiful trip and so fun traveling with my CP!

  6. LOL...high fives to everyone!!
  7. LOL...never thought this would get ID'd so quickly on a Saturday night on a holiday weekend in the States to boot, you guys are great!! High fives all around and here's to more and more LV!! :wlae::supacool:
  8. Haaaa! I was gonna say the same.
  9. Me too. :p
  10. Lets see the full-sized picture! :graucho:
  11. The vachetta triangle in the corner was the dead give-away !!
  12. piano or mezzo.. i'm more opted to lean towards the piano,
  13. :p yeah I figured that would pop out, eh?
  14. I was also going to say the same! :amazed: And I'm a newbie! tPF taught me a lot ;)
  15. Let's see if this works:


    yep that's me...pale skin, LV Cabas Piano and all LOL! :p I'm a little blonder now but whatever ;)...