Can you tell when shoes are high end?


Jul 4, 2007
i wear a 10 1/2 and a 41 1/2 in manolo's and choo. some other great brands for larger feet are stuart weitzman(these come in widths) and nine west . good luck!


Sep 8, 2007
First, if the shoes are on someone's feet, I won't be able to tell at first glance if they're designer or not (unlike with purses). Second, the shoes can make or break an outfit, but not in all cases. I think it's more important how the outfit looks as a whole.

Liberté;5979311 said:
I agre that well made doesen't hae to be "designer" and some "designer" shoes aren't that well made either always. Don't go by brands, educate yourself on the issue and find good qualityand nicely designed shoes other places as well.
I totally agree! I've had so many problems with getting damaged Louboutins, that I've hardly ever experienced with lesser-priced shoes, such as MiuMius, Marni, Pucci, etc. I still love CLs though b/c he makes, by far, the most sexiest shoes I've seen and are comfortable for their heel-height category.


Aug 26, 2007
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the only way shoes will ruin an outfit if:

-holes, rips, scuffed
-don't go with what your wearing (clear heels and a business suit)
-inappropriate for the season (open toes in the winter)

a true shoe junkie doesn't really care for price or brand[but she doesnt let it stop her neither], just style and look [comforts a big one as well]

There were cases where I thought a couple of my friends were wearing really nice shoes. I thought they were very expensive and turns out they are not.


Sep 4, 2007
I think I recently read an article in some women's magazine (forgot which, might have been browsing through while at the hair salon or a cafe) that did a detailed comparison of several black heels from different brands, ranging from cheap to super expensive. From memory they rated the shoes based on design, materials used, stability, comfort, etc. And it wasn't the most expensive branded shoe that won :smile: Also, I couldn't tell which was the branded shoe just by looking at them.

I think as long as your whole look is polished, and your shoes fit well, aren't scuffed or dirty or falling to pieces, that's fine. But of course, if knowing that you're wearing expensive shoes makes you feel happy, that's good too :biggrin:


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Aug 14, 2006
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I think there's a misconception that only very expensive designer shoes are "nice shoes".
You don't have to wearing the shoes only 2% of the world's women buy to be wearing nice shoes.
People get sort of warped hanging out on forums like this because it starts to seem normal for people to spend $400+ on shoes, but the truth is 98% of women DON'T do that.

Any shoe that is tasteful and well made is a good shoe IMO.
They may be $180, they need'nt be $650.

If you lined up 12 pairs of black pumps ranging from $40-$1k I'd bet I could maybe only pick out a couple of the priciest pairs w/o looking at the color sole or stamp inside.
well said swanky!:tup: