Can you tell when shoes are high end?

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  1. Ok, so I have finally updated my wardrobe to reflect my achievement of my career goals. Nice Chanel purse, nice jeans etc. I have been admiring these beautiful CL's, Prada heels, and Gucci shoes for months, but sadly, I don't think I will ever be able to have these shoes because I have gross size 10 wide feet. I can't squeeze into these designer shoes! The only heels I can wear are special order 'comfort' shoes from like Clarks or Rockports in their extra wide widths.

    So for you shoe fans, do you think these not very nice shoes will 'ruin' a nice outfit? I can't really tell the difference on other people, but I am very naive about shoes. I just read on the forums about how everyone thinks that great shoes can make an outfit - but I can never wear great shoes - so can boring shoes unmake an outfit?

    And are there any nice shoes that would fit my big feet?
  2. In most cases yes, but it depends. If you find something that goes perfectly with your outfit and are in great condition no-one will notice your shoes,. but the entire look.
  3. To be honest, yes I can usually tell. That being said, I don't think that expensive should be your buzzword as far as shoes are concerned. I prefer classic, sleek styles that are well-made/high quality and in good shape. I know with wide shoes it can be hard to avoid clunky. I believe Ferragamo makes extended widths- they are great about making narrow I know, it's worth calling a boutique and seeing what they have available. Depending on just how wide your feet are, Repetto ballet flats might be an option, because they are cut pretty roomy and made of super soft leather that stretches and molds to your feet. Not sure if they make sz 10, though. Also, Nordstrom is pretty good about carrying extended sizes. The shoe dept of their website has a "search by your size" feature- I ran a search for sz 10, wide and got tons of results, including some really cute pairs! It's worth a look. Good luck!
  4. I think there's a misconception that only very expensive designer shoes are "nice shoes".
    You don't have to wearing the shoes only 2% of the world's women buy to be wearing nice shoes.
    People get sort of warped hanging out on forums like this because it starts to seem normal for people to spend $400+ on shoes, but the truth is 98% of women DON'T do that.

    Any shoe that is tasteful and well made is a good shoe IMO.
    They may be $180, they need'nt be $650.

    If you lined up 12 pairs of black pumps ranging from $40-$1k I'd bet I could maybe only pick out a couple of the priciest pairs w/o looking at the color sole or stamp inside.
  5. I agre that well made doesen't hae to be "designer" and some "designer" shoes aren't that well made either always. Don't go by brands, educate yourself on the issue and find good qualityand nicely designed shoes other places as well.
  6. Thanks for the Nordstrom's tip - I will go scan their shoes.

    Maybe this forum has warped my view a little bit! Because everyone here is so crazy about Loboutins, it is in my head that they are the HG of shoes. (and they absolutely do not fit me). Everyone seems to talk about these high end brands and makes me want to have them too! I guess my problem is that I am a little clueless when it comes to looking for great quality, so it is just easier to gauge by looking for which shoes people lust after to determine their greatness.
  7. I agree...price does not make the shoe, but style does.

    However, if you're looking for a classic shoe, Ferragamo makes great shoes that are comfortable and last a very, very long time. They have all widths from AAAA to D.
  8. so how do you tell if shoes are high end (and not by brand!!!)?

    I know that you can already judge by the materials been used, but how - for example - do you tell if the sole is well made?
  9. Very well said :tup:
  10. NOT EVERY WOMAN CAN WALK IN HI HEELS/LOUBOUTINS OR NOT, and i admit not being able to draw out that much $$ for a pair of shoes...I choose my shoes according to my foot anatomy (i sincerely think heels above 8cm catastrophic... back will def suffer IMO).I'm sure you can find well made shoes that fit perfectly without having to spend soo much
  11. emm, but i must say that maybe after a few months more on this site, i'll be caught by the bug, too...i do admit admiring all those women that can wear those splendid shoes:tup:
  12. IMO i can tell if a shoe is high end by the style and how it's made

    non designer shoes just don't look that nice but that comes with the big price tag then spend the money on your purses, hopefully nobody will bother to look down at your feet:P:smile:
  13. I think it's very easy to tell from the leather quality, the sole quality, the cut and the design finish all of these together. Some shoes look "average" others have a radiance that stands out. Allthough there are overpriced shoes, I do often think you get somewhat what you pay for in many cases, but once you've crossed a certain line most of the shoes will top notch. I*ve bought prada shoes that have great quality and another pair just a year after that was just as "well made" (And I suspect from the same factory even) as some paul smiths I had.

    THat beng said a jello-flip flop will always be a jello flip flop regardless of it being louis vuitton, chanel, scholl, uggs or some thing else. teh design is what sets the apart mostly.
  14. I think that good quality shoes aren't necessarily the most expensive ones. My grandfather was a shoe maker and he didn't make expensive ones, but he always used real leather and made them by hand! I guess you just need to know where to look and take a look at the quality/feel of the shoe and that'll make the outfit. :smile:

    The better the quality, the (duh) longer the shoe will last also so you'll get your money's worth whether the shoe cost $40 or $1000. But yes, definitely put the emphasis on well made and excellent quality material than the price tag. :smile: