Can you tell what color this Brief is

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    I got my first B-Bag from my husband.
    I was expecting City or Part Time but he got me a regular Brief.
    I think i like it but i will go to Neiman this weekend to see if there's anything to catch my eyes. By the way, can you tell what color this is? I was trying to decode the tag but couldn't find the info for color.

    I'm also debating whether Giant would be better for me. What do you think?
    Balenciaga 030.jpg Balenciaga 033.jpg
  2. if your tag starts off with 2007 3, then I think it's "Ocean". What a pretty bag :yes: cOngrats~!

    The Ocean with SGH combo is stunning... but I think I'd prefer the brief in RH. I've tried on both in person.. and the RH looked better IMO. The brief breaks in real nicely too. :tup:
  3. Would you happen to live in the DC area? i saw the same bag as yours yesterday at Tyson's and it was gorgeous.:nuts: It is the Ocean Blue. :yes:
  4. No..i live in CT and my husband got it from NM, White Plains in NY. Thanks guys.
    I will decide once i checks bags in NM this weekend.