Can you tell this LV is fake?

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  1. The strap is way too long & the colors of the LV's are wrong =D
  2. I personally need better photos. I'll bet some eagle eye like Ayla would know though!
  3. The font looked wrong to me right away...
  4. I only see 3 colors..I am sure if I see the bag in public I can tell it's bad fake apart from the handle is too long..
  5. Agree, handles too long. The LV font seems too skinny, yellow fleur is way too bright.

    Edit: nevemind, it is fake.
  6. this needed to be in the Authenticate this! sticky in the LV Forum.
    Please repost there.
  7. ^nevermind, you posted this somewhere else already. Please do not repost as we do not allow duplicates.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.