Can you tell the birthdate of your LV by the..

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  1. serial number that is in it?
  2. Hi - do you mean the date code? If so, then yes...The first and third numbers indicate the month, while the 2nd and last stands for the year.
  3. by the DATE CODE yes,
    my speedy mc is SP0014 so it was born jan /04

  4. The first two letters also indicate the country it was produced in. There is really no rhyme or reason to these, so it is just easier to keep a list. For example: SP is made in USA, while CA is made in Spain. SD is made in the USA now, but was made in France several years ago. A lot of people think SD stands for San Dimas, California (where there is an LV factory). Only LV knows for sure, but I don't believe it does, although it is an easy way to remember SD = made in USA. ;)
  5. That's what I had always thought about the "SD"! Thanks for the info caannie!
  6. SD does stand for San Dimas if you're bag says made in the USA. The first two letters don't indicate the country. It's more like they indicate the factory location.
  7. My Speedy was born December 2005.
  8. Carol, I was specifically told by my SA that SD stood for San Dimas.:biggrin:
  9. SD indeed stands for San Dimas, I called 866VUITTON. :biggrin:
  10. Yes, what I meant was (lol) that you can tell what country it was produced in by the first two letters. I don't know the names of the cities the factories in each country are located in, or what city/location two letter abbreviation actually stands for, but that you can correspond the countries of manufacture to the first two letters by keeping a list. I know Carol at MP does this as well.
  11. mine is ml1004 what does that mean ?
  12. My batignolles horizontal was born on jan o6 .The date code is DU0016. I cannot find the date code for my compact zippe wallet. Can anyone tell me where it is?;)
  13. what is the date code for the ones made in france?
  14. mine is made in france and it's AA0045.

    so im guessing it's april 2005. hey, my baby's birthday is coming up. it's a year old!:lol:

  15. my vernis billfold is TH0025
    does this mean it was made on Feb '05?