Can you tell me what year this Kelly was made?

  1. hermes year.jpg
  2. Fendigal....I can't enlarge your pic so I can't see the markings. Can you tell us what the letter is and if it's inside a circle or a square? Then we can tell you......
  3. Hold on I will give you
    the auction link, hopefully that will help, sorry. I didn't realize it was going to come out like that.
  4. It is item number 250018174052, it says 16 C with a dot in the middle of the C and a Z with a circle around it.
    I keep trying to give you the link, but then it goes right to my ebay account.
  5. Fendigal....I think this auction was discussed in the Authenticate This thread....check there. Let me see if I can find it too....I see you only have about an hour to bid. Keep in mind this bag is 10-years old....
  6. Ok Found it. Look under "Authenticate This Hermes", page 83, post #1243 and read from there. Good luck, Fedigal. It's a lovely bag....
  7. Yes, I just found it, myself. Thanks so much for your help!!
  8. Hello...

    I bid several times on this bag after much deliberation and consultation with the wonderful folks on this site (I am looking for my first Kelly).

    After bidding closed, I was the 3rd highest bidder. Within a few hours, the seller sent me an email asking if I wanted to make him another offer b/c the winning bidder couldn't pay promptly. I'm new to this forum but not to ebay and am uncomfortable with this type of communication from a seller, so I'm not going to reply to his note.
  9. ^Good call Jenifer! This kelly seems like there's something funny going on. I got a second chance offer from the original seller as well. I found it a little "fishy" since the bidder outbid me in the last 5 could they not pay? I wonder if there's multiples of this bag?
  10. Thanks for the support, Addicted. Just didn't feel right...
  11. Wow....this is creepy....this is why I'll only buy from a few trusted sellers and the wonderful women on the PF!
  12. I got two more emails from the seller today regarding this bag - one was an official second chance. I'm still passing.
  13. An official second chance is fine but if you're in any way wary of the seller, then it's best to pass. :smile:
  14. Thanks, Tea.

    I just had a very happy ebay experience!! I just won the auction for a lovely, fabulous vintage 32 cm black kelly and cannot wait to share the joy with everyone here.

    Hopefully, whomever I was bidding against will find Hermes Happiness soon :smile: