Can You Tell Me What This Bag Is Called

  1. I bought this bag 16 years ago in the Hermes shop in Beverly Hills. I had seen it on a girl in Hawaii and had to have it. It was 1850 back then. I have only seen one other in the subsiquent years. That one was in a resale shop, it was navy blue and was selling for 1800.
    it is quite pretty close up(pardonphotos) but highly can never find anything in it. But, I am dying to know if any of you experts know anything about it.
    IMG_1042.jpg IMG_1045.jpg IMG_1043.jpg
  2. Sac Marine, IIRC.
  3. thank you

    how long ago did they stop making it?
    do you ever see them?
  4. That's interesting - it looks like an old Escada (that old print design in browns oranges etc.) backpack that I keep my ice skates in. A long time ago I tried to use it as a bag and couldn't find anything either - so I made it an ice skate bag since they are kind of big!- that Escada is totally indestructible but the Hermes looks both beautiful and destruble. Really nice.
  5. I own one, but I can't recall when they stopped making them. Yours is Gulliver as well.
  6. saw an orange one on ebay a few weeks ago. sorry can't recall what it went for.
  7. i remember that, too -- i think it was around $800? i remember wishing i had bought it to tote around my riding boots and helmet.

    btw, do you think it would be tall enough to fit high boots in it?
  8. no...they would poke out of the top and the bag isn't that could stick them probably but it wouldn't be a geat's a weird bag....i don't think i've used it in five years...