can you tell me what the name of this bag is?

  1. Hi,
    I picked this bag up at the coach outlet about 5 months ago, it's since been sitting unloved in my closet. I plan on listing it on eBay later today, but would like to know the style name for the listing. THANKS!!!
  2. I think it's called a Braided Soho Hobo and I think the colour is tobacco. It's in one of my old catalogues but unfortunately they're packed away right now so I can't check. Hopefully someone else will jump in with confirmation.
  3. It should say on the tag too.. but yes it is some kind of soho braided hobo in tobacco. great bag! :tup:
  4. Thanks!! I didn't think to check the tag, it's so tiny, it says Dylan hobo, so I guess i'll use that on the listing. Thanks so much for the help!!
  5. soo cute. That's all I have to say.
  6. no problem.. another thing is put the style# not only in your listing but also to see what they are selling at and that may give you a better name too. I think the general name is a braided soho leather hobo though.. it's beautiful! :yes:
  7. Cute bag...Yes definately do a search under the creed number. To do a history check. It will also give you ideas on what sounds good describing your bag.
  8. :idea: Dylan, that's it! I knew it had some other name and it was bugging me that I couldn't remember. I hate having all my catalogues packed away in storage (we're living with my in-laws until the spring when we buy a house). I HAVE to dig them out.
  9. Yes that it the large Soho braided hobo in tobacco. The small was my 1st purse! But has been sold since then!
  10. I checked my catalog & it originally retailed for $428, if you want to put that in your listing. Its a great bag-I love the tobacco!!:heart: