Can you tell me what bag this is?

  1. Hi. I am new here, just becoming a coach lover :P I am just wondering if any of you great ladies can tell me what purse style # this is, or what the name is or anything. I am desperately trying to find either this purse or a similar one, and I know it is the vintage so I am trying to search it out. Thanks so much for any and all help!! :heart:
  2. It's the vintage signature satchel, there's one on ebay now. I THINK the style number there says 1434, but I'm not positive.
  3. ^ When I put that style # into the COACH website this bag came up --

  4. Thank you so much. Actually, the thing I like most is the color, the bordeaux suede trim. I don't know if anyone else might know what item # it is or if there are any other similar with the bordeaux that are medium sized bags like these, but I would be forever gratefull.. I am on a mission!!! THanks again :yes:
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