can you tell me the size of the ysl bag in these pics?

  1. Hi all..

    can you guys tell me the size of the ysl bag that these celebs are carrying?

    i really like the way jessica alba carries it and i want to get the same one, as such im just wondering if its a ysl muse large

    how about the one j-lo is carrying? is it the same size?


  2. I don't see any pics...but I suspect you're talking about the oversize Muse. There's a post about this somewhere, and lots of pics in the celeb section.
  3. Yeah, i think its the oversize look at the stick at the top 'celebs and their ysls' should be a pic in there :smile:
  4. Oversize Muse :tup:
  5. On the Oversize, the bottom leg of the "Y" is longer. (On the Large, the three legs of the "Y" are basically the same length.)

  6. hi hi...

    Thanks for the information..

    if i am 160 cm.. do u think its too big for me to carry the oversize one? or should i just go with the large one instead??
  7. ^ If you're of medium to large build, the OS should be still ok, if you like the big bag look. I'm 165cm and 120lb, and the large is proportionate on me. The OS is big but not outrageously huge. I chose the large as I wanted to use the Muse for work. OS has a more casual look to it.

    i posted action pics in