Can you tell me the season of these 4 colors??

  1. Hi, in searching for these colors, I am just curious if you can tell me what season/year they are from.....this will help me when searching on e-bay as well as knowing if I might still be able to locate them in a retail store.

    Vert Gris (this might be the same as another color, just a fancier name)

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Charcoal is a new colour for this a/w 06
    Mousse was s/s 06 (still in alot of stores now)
    Vert Gris - Lots of discussion about this being much darker grey than the Mousse
    Whiskey - First introduced late last year, still going strong now

  3. Agree with chloe-babe! :yes: Only thing is, the whiskey paddingtons you see in the stores might be left-over s/s '06. Heard from two SA's it wasn't on their ordering list for the fall. In regards to whiskey colored Ediths, it's still strong!
  4. ^^^Just ordered a whiskey medium paddy from NM a few days ago off their website. Should I assume it is a leftover S/S 06?
  5. is tricky because you never know what they have in stock and from what season. Returns often end back up online (not saying yours is a return). Again, both of my SA"s didn't say it was discontinued, just that it wasn't available on the ordering list (or registry or whatever its called).
  6. Speaking of returns......I ordered a chloe edith from and when it came there were no tags on it, no tissue in it, and a drinking straw wrapper inside!!! I was so upset! I guess there is not a lot of quality control at their warehouse! I called them so upset, and they offered me 20% off. I ended up return it anyway, as the edith style just didn't work for me. Needless to say, I am leary of Chloes' from at this point.
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