Can you tell me the name of this LV handbag?

  1. Someone at work just gave me a color copy of this and said she wants & needs it.
    Is it from the fall runway show?
    She wants to go to LV w/ me tomorrow and ask about it.
    What do you think it would cost?
    I don't even know what to ask the S.A.
    Does anyone know of a nice S.A. in the 57th St boutique in NYC?
  2. its the miroir speedy.
  3. It's the Miroir Speedy from fall 2006

    It is not available in stores sold very quickly it cost £660

    The only place you wil get it now is via eBay or a reseller, but please be careful they are faked the fakes used to be really bad and obvious but they are now closer to the real thing
  4. Thanks! This looks kinda darker, I saw REAL silvery ones but not like this... or does it just look that way in the pic?
  5. ^I think it's just the lighting.
  6. I think it's probably the reflection :yes: good luck!
  7. I know i've seen some reallly scary miroir fakes on the web latley. It looks like they just keep making them better and better (if its possible)
  8. That and because it's a prototype bag.
  9. Waaaaah! I want a papillon!