Can you tell me more about this Chanel Bowling Bag?

  1. Hello Chanel ladies, would you please tell me more about this Chanel bag? I know it is several seasons old but since I am no Chanel expert, I'd like to know the specs. Please let me know if it has a specific name, what year it's from, etc. I had one exactly like this in black a few years ago but sold it. When I found it in this color, my heart skipped a beat and I had to have it again. Thank you! :flowers:
  2. Oooh, I don't know enough about it to advise, but I really like it!
    Good luck!
  3. Hi SMoT, thanks! I bought my black one in '03, I think, and it had the same beige thread and brushed goldtone hardware. I sold it because I simply stopped using it, but when I saw that it came in this beautiful dark red, I wanted it again! I've always called it a bowling bag, but there has to be a proper name, right? BTW, it is lined w/ the CC jacquard fabric and comes w/ a removable cosmetic case inside! It also has an interior patch pocket and a zippered pocket.
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  5. According to the Japanese Chanel mag that I've just dug up again, your gorgeous new bag was released in Spring/Summer 2000. :smile:

    Here's a photo (click to enlarge) of some other bags from the same collection!

  6. Thank you, Lily! I believe that the larger ones were released at that time because in 2000, they didn't have this smaller one yet. As far as I know, this particular style comes in 2 sizes in the rectangular shape and 1 huge squarish shape. I remember that this smaller one came out a couple or so years after the original large one. Confused yet? LOL

    Does anyone here have this bag? I am guessing it came out in S/S 2003.

    Thanks again!
  7. No worries, 24! :smile:

    Yep, I am confused! LOL. Don't you think that the bag you posted looks very much like the red one in the middle of my photo? :blink: The placement of the handles on the quilting is almost exact, no?

    But perhaps you're right. I do recall seeing this bags more recently than in 2000.
  8. Hi Lily, would you believe I missed that? LOL Yes, my bag definitely looks like the one pictured in that Japanese magazine! I just know that the mine (smaller version) was released later. If I can get the official name, that would be great. On the box, all it says is that it's a small tote!

  9. Were there any numbers on teh box? That's usually the style number. Chanel doesn't name their bags usually, so small tote is one of about 50 bags! LOL!
    The newer bags have an A at the beginning of the style #.