can you tell me if this bag is an LE

  1. attach is a pic of two bags from fall/winter 07. im inlove with the bag on the right, can anyone please tell me if this is an LE? and does it have pre-orders already? and does anyone know how much it is. thanks. any reply would be much appreciated.
  2. it is definetely le but hasn't been released yet as for the price I would guess around $2200 because of the crocodile skin on them....:yes:
  3. The Griet is definitely more than $2200, if it was $2200 I'd get it too because it's a great price for a bag with crocodile! Even the non-crocodile version of the Griet is $3450.

    The one on the left is the Monogram Mirage Delft Exotic, priced at $8250 and the one of ht eleft is the Monogram Mirage Griet Exotic, priced at $8850. And yes, both are LE.