can you tell me how to spot a fake damier?

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  1. alright girls,

    I just did a search and the results came up zero.
    so if this was discussed before I apologize in advance! but my question was....

    how can you tell a fake lv damier from an authentic damier lv?

    I have eyes for the mono prints but I can't tell from a damier. any hints or clue? with a lv mono I can tell (most of the time) from a distance if its real or fake without inspection... damier looks the same to me. pls advise me!

  2. I would love to know too. Anyone?
  3. I have no clue either..
  4. umm the damier canvas will some times be a light or darker color then the real one.
  5. from what i can tell, the damier colors just dont look "right." The ligher colored checks look yellow-ey.
  6. If the squares look like triangles, it's probably fake.

    No, but for real, I can tell you how to spot a fake Damier Papillon 30. And I know that if the canvas looks too stiff and flat (not ridged), it's definitely pleather (fake leather).
  7. hey jazzybelle, you should share your info with all of us! =)
  8. "Obvious fake" or swap meet fake are easy to spot but how about really ..really good fake ? damier canvas isn't leather, is it?
  9. Okay. On my Damier Papillon 30, there are two lines of stitching on either side of the zipper. The second line on both sides stops exactly 5 stitches before the edge of the bag - and RIGHT at the end of one little checkerboard box before the end.

    Does that make sense? I can try and post a photo, but my digi camera sucks at detail.
  10. ^(To Bagsnbags) Nope, it's the same as the Mono canvas. Good damier fakes are usually lighter in color and appear more matte and as Jazzybelle said, stiffer than the authentic one. Also, the lower grade ones look pretty waxy in appearance and darker in color.

    This is the waxy type:

    However, the REALLLY good ones from Korea (We're talking really scary good fakes here) are usually be defined thru scrutiny of the interior and hardware. The color intensity of the fake damiers are also on par with the auth ones.

    Also, the checkbox with the LOUIS VUITTON usually appear not more than twice on small leather goods (Wallets, pochette cles) and once on others like the Ludlow.

    What I know of the damier papillon is that there is alway a centered LOUIS VUITTON check in the middle of the side canvas. And 4 on the body? These are the observations I've had thru what me and friends have of our own damier pieces. :flowers:
  11. Thank you !
  12. Welcome! And I love the chilli gifs you have!
  13. awesome information.

    I seen a girl walk by with a damier ribera. But man did the canvas look very very very stiff. Something just seem odd about it. The colors looked good though.

    HmmmMmmMm. Scarry good fakes. Scarrrrry
  14. You'll need a clear, close up picture of a damier square with the Louis Vuitton in it - the font on fake bags is much thicker than an authentic bag. If you have an auction you're considering, post it and we'll take a look.
  15. Also, make sure to look at the squares and which one says Louis Vuitton on it. Depending on what bag, those special squares are positioned in their own space. That's also an indicator for real vs fake.

    But mainly the texture.
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