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  1. Hi, I see Bluefly mentioned a lot in the posts. Do you order from there? Are the bags authentic? How often do they update their stock? Are there usually multiple bags available for any given style or do you find there's one of each....any tips on this site are greatly appreciated. I was impressed with their large selection of BVs but don't know anything about actually ordering from them. thank you!
  2. Yes the bags are authentic, they update their stock almost daily, the numbers vary depending on what they get in from the retailers. Sometimes they only have a few of each model - it's important to jump on it when you see it if it's something you've had your eye on. And they will only let you "hold" an item in your cart for an hour.

    Happy shopping!
  3. Thank you so muh - where do they get their stock? Is it like
  4. i think the source of their stock remains a mystery. but i will tell you that i have had nothing but good experiences with them (clothes and bags). i recently purchased an hermes bag that was in perfect condition and totally authentic (had to return it though cuz it was too small) and a bv that looks like it was never touched by human hands (carefully wrapped in tissue inside the dustbag). be warned that since bluefly has a 90 day return policy (so long as you don't remove the security tag), most items have been handled and returned so they will arrive in a large ziploc bag, not inside their dustbag, sometimes squished and often looking a little rummaged (unzipped, unstuffed). i have heard complaints about fakes and slow returns, but i have had a dozen transactions with them and have never had a problem. oh, and you can't beat the prices (last i checked shop337 gets you an additional 20% off).
  5. I love them! I've never had a bad experience with them. The last time I had a problem with them a few years ago the customer service was fantastic--they gave me a whole bunch of money back (more than I had paid) and the item they had forgotten to send me they gave me for free. I did get a shirt the other day with a small spot, but I returned it for a different reason. When you buy things that have been on the site for a while you risk getting things that have been fingered by others. I'm hoping that their BV is great because I've got a wallet in the mail!
  6. i got the woven ebano cervo cocker and taupe (limo?) cosmetic case and they're both fantastic -- never been fingered (lol!)