Can You Tell If Chanel Tote Real Anyone?

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  1. Hi, I am new to all this purse blog, but think I may be in the right place at last! I love purses they are my obsession, but I came across this Chanel Tote, and am not sure if is authentic, give me the specs to look for please!
  2. Cant see any pictures?

  3. I think it's hard to find a real Chanel anywhere else beside Chanel store.Unless you willing to pay almost the same price, but then again it's best to just buy it from the store. I know some want the vintage chanels but my friend told me that they have these super fake Chanels that you can't tell even when place it side by side with the real one ( only the zipper or something that gives it away) so I am pretty worry.One thing is that the super fake costs like alittle less or half the price of the real one.
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