Can you tell how old a bag is by its date code?

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  1. I was wondering if you can tell how old a bag is with its datecode? Im planning on buying a bag (secondhand) and would like to know around how old it is....:confused1:
  2. yes, you can:

    1st and 3rd number stand for the month
    2nd and 4th number for the year.

    A date code that read AA0066 e.g. would mean that the bag was made in June of 2006 :flowers:
  3. Yup, always ask for the date code. That'll tell you how old the bag is.
  4. great! thanks ladies!!!!:biggrin:
  5. date code is when the bag was made.But knowing how long it was been used you really cannot tell,My MC trouville was made oct '05 but i bought it last june '06,almost 1 year before it was sold and its been with me for just 4 mons(and just used less than 10times) but some sellers really preserve bags well and sometimes the condition is like brand goodluck on your purchase.
  6. your welcome ... fashionphile on Ebay wrote a guide about that topic if you care to check it out .... she has a list of the factory locations too
  7. thanks so much!!!
  8. Kittie, I just bought a LV Speedy 35 with the same code as yours. AA0066. Could that be possible?
  9. I thought that Louis Vuitton made each bag with a different code. By the way what does AA stand for?
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