Can you tell from pics if a bag is TOO dry?

  1. Can anyone help me decide if this bag is looks too dry?? TIA :heart: BWTN: this is a BNWT F/W 06 available from Nordies:



  2. Just a little, but not as bad as my 06 s/s Corn Flower Blue......I think the 06 leather is a little drier than any other seasons.....
  3. How about the leather on the edges of the bag? It is a lighter color the main leather, like the dye didn't quite soak in as well??? Is that common?
  4. Is that the Marron? Some of the Marron leathers were dry, including my own. I used a conditioner on it (Appleguard and LMB...I tested a little of both) and was happy with the results.
  5. hey D - honest truth is that bag does look a bit dry - but from the first two pics it looks like something a bit of LMB or Apple would fix right up.

    The third pic - the left side edge - I can't tell from the pic whether it's almost as if the leather underneath is exposed and that's why it's a lighter colour? In which case - that is something I'd worry about or that would bother me because you don't want a bag where the edges make it look like it's been worn or used when it's BNWT!
  6. HGF: it's black :push:

    The SA was so kind and went through 5 bags. He said this one was the least 'veiny' of the bunch.

    Jadecee: exactly, the edges make it look like it was used. :s

    I have another bag in the works, waiting for close-up pics. So all is not lost!!

    Thanks to everyone for being so kind with my newbie posts!!
  7. Good luck with the search D!!! I'm sure you'll find the perfect one soon enough!

    and ask ask ask away! I only hope myself and others in here can be half as helpful as you are in the Chloe forum! You're amazing! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks J!!! :flowers:

    BTW: here is another pic (DRY huh???)

  9. Looks a *tad* bit dry =) If it was my bag, I would condition it immediately =) But of course, your tastes might be different and you might not want to use any type of treatment on the bag.
  10. I have to agree - but I still havent used any products on my B-Bag that is dry in some parts
  11. Yes, it does to me. I would use 2 coats of Apple conditioner. Let is soak in good, apply liberally, buff off. Wait a couple of hours and do it again. It will look luscious.
  12. i agree with the 06 dry leather, too. I had a pre-loved cornflower that i assumed dried out from previous ownership. but then i bougth a brand new lilac first and that was drier than the Sahara Desert. but then.... I have a black box that has such moist leather, almost slippery glossy.

    but yes, that bag does look dry. If you're confident enough in your abilities i would say go ahead and moisten up away with LMB or Apple.
  13. Yeah, it looks a bit dry...But they're so easy to condition! I still can't believe how much the Nero 06 leathers vary. Mine looks more "waxier" than this one...weird?
  14. Yes that bag is very dry.:yes: I saw a Day similar to yours at NM the other day and it felt rough and dry. If i were you i would find another one.:love:
  15. All I can say is that your SA is a keeper ... there's not too many of them who would be willing to send such detailed photos!!! :yes: