Can you tell fake Goyard?

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I'm new here and hope that it's not wrong to post this here...
    I know I can distinguish most fakes, but I haven't quite gotten a hold on Goyard yet.
    I'm eyeing two Goyard bags that are ending relatively soon and am wondering if you can tell if they're fake or not?

    Here's the one ending soonest:
    eBay: AUTHENTIC GOYARD ST LOUIS BLACK PM RARE ITEM VERY CHIC (item 120065661473 end time Dec-16-06 23:00:00 PST)

    You can see that she guarantees authenticity, but I guess that doesn't mean much lately... a little shady since there's only one photo. (Can't see the snap on the wallet)

    Here's the second, in green:
    eBay: GOYARD St. Louis GM tote - GREEN! (item 200059550858 end time Dec-20-06 05:42:59 PST)
    I emailed her and she guaranteed authenticity, too.

    Both sellers have a 100% feedback. Please check them out if you have a minute and let me know what your expert eyes think! Thank you!
  2. Hi Sharleen, Goyard is pretty new to me, so I'm not an expert on Goyard yet either, but the first one (St Louis Black Pm) seems to be fake.

    If you see the very top part of the bag carefully, (the black leather frame where the handles are attached) you can see that there are white stitches on it. As far as I know, the white stitches are not on authentic ST Louis BLACK pm/gm because they use black thread on black goyard bag)
    (This applies to Black only, because all the other colors DO HAVE the white stitches)

    I hope it helps.. :sweatdrop:
  3. Hi Sharleen,

    I have a Goyard Jeanne PM :love: , I'm not an expert but I know a little about the brand.

    The signature Goyard pattern is handpainted on the canvas, every little dot of it. The little dots of paint give the canvas a unique texture which is, I think, very difficult to replicate. I believe that fakes simply have the pattern printed, giving them a smooth surface. The problem with eBay is that photos rarely have the resolution or angle necessary to see this pattern well. :s

    Anyway, that's my five cents and I hope t's useful to you :smile:
  4. Try Kou, she like goyard
  5. second is invalid... maybe thats a good thing.

  6. The second one got removed ... can't see the pics now.

    With regards to fake vs. real Goyard, since I've never handled a fake one, I don't know how it's supposed to feel. In terms of looks, the real Goyard is going to look noticeably of better quality. I know this is a very poor explanation, but an example would be the St. Martin and the St. Jeanne. Fake St. Martin and St. Jeanne are never sewn correctly. Both styles of bags are very structured bags, and structured bags are generally more difficult to fake as you have to stitch it the right way to make sure that the entire bag "sits right". The fake ones I've seen look flimsy and off. Kind of like when you see fake LV it just looks off.

    Furthermore, Goyard is done by hand so there will be some very very very slight imperfection/inconsistency but you have to look closely to find them. Also, the leather trim on Goyard is another giveaway. Goyard treats its leather and you're supposed to be able to rub off surface stains (even on the white) and wash them off with water - this is according to the SA.

    Ehm ... not really sure how else to explain this. HTH.
  7. I just got taken on eBay.

    I live in NYC so I was able to take the bag to Bergdorfs. If the stitching is black on black, that's right. If it is white on the other colors, that is also correct. What you absolutely need to do is email past buyers to make sure that they thought that they got a real bag. The proof is when it shows up. These bags are NOT made of vinyl. If it smells like vinyl, it is fake. If it has the weight of vinyl, it is fake. The real Goyard bags are hand painted with resin on linen. Very lightweight, almost paperlike. You can see and feel the raised bumps.
    There are a lot of fakes on eBay now. Do not believe the guarantees without asking previous buyers of the Goyard these questions. 6 of us (at least) have been taken by someone on eBay who sold a lot, then shut down the user name, bought a new user name and reopened for business. And last but not least, do not do business with someone in Arkansas (without naming names).
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  9. this thread is 3 yrs old. . . we have since added a forum to authenticate Goyard and others.
    Please find the proper forum.

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