Can you tell a friend their hair is outdated?

  1. A few friends and I get our hair done together and my one friend seems to get this old lady bowling ball style. It just ages her. She thinks it is wonderful and hot.
    The guy who cuts hair is talented and does great work but she seems to be stuck in this rut of a style that reminds me of my mother's hair. I think she would be very insulted if anyone said something to her. It just seems like she needs that extra inch cut off for a more edgier style. She lost over 50 lbs and looks great and I don't think she realizes how good she looks. She still dresses to cover up her body and I always tell her "hello" there is a body under there waiting to get out. I am not making fun of her in any way, it is just that she looks 15 years older than she is. I guess some people are afraid to do anything different and even when I show her pictures she says she could never wear that.
    When in the past people mistake you for your husbands
    mother maybe one would want a younger style.
  2. really don't know what you can say to your friend :shrugs: some people just get stuck in a certain look and never change it...
  3. Definitely sounds like she still sees her former self in her mirror and in her mind. Time for a change! What is holding her back? Does she have new clothes that fit her properly? If she was overweight for a long time, it would be hard to change overnight. But maybe she could take baby steps!

    How long has she had this horrid hairstyle from 1975? She may not know how to style it any differently. It is scary to take a risk, but if you never do, you'll never know what wonderful things you are missing out on! Besides, it's just hair! It's fun to experiment!

    Sounds like she needs a Makeover Day. Maybe you and your friends can arrange something for her to celebrate her success?! Maybe DO a daring activity that she's never done before? Build up her courage and self confidence!
  4. What I would probably do is think about what kind of style would make her look best, and sort of go about it from that angle, as opposed to, your hairstyle is outdated, more of, you know what would really make your eyes pop - why don't you ask him next time what he thinks about (details of hairstyle or show picture)...
  5. yeah, I def. wouldn't tell her her hairstyle is "outdated".
    Buy some magazines, pick out a few cuts and tell her you think they'd look great on her and convince her to try something different :flowers:
  6. Prior to your next visit to the hairdresser, couldn't you pop in and have a chat with the hairdresser, and see if he wouldn't suggest to your friend a new gorgeous hairstyle. Gets you off the hook, and she may heed a suggestion from the hairdresser. Just a thought.:idea:
  7. I'm dying to know what an old lady bowling ball style looks like!
  8. Show her a hairstyle in a magazine and tell her it would look cute on her.

    (I wouldn't go with the 'your hair is outdated' angle.)
  9. No, but you can suggest a style she would look great with.
  10. Don't tell her negative things like "you look aged" or "that's no good", but rather point out things that you think would look great and encourgae change whnever she shows signs of it. Maybe try reading a fashion magazine together or go shopping! Maybe you can give her style a breath of fresh air. Or sign her up for a make over that's on tv or in a mag. =P
  11. My mom has had the Princes Diana haircut since 1982 and refuses to change it because she doesn't know how to style it wheile it's growing out. And I've tried every angle on her. Some people can't be helped. But maybe your hairdresser can say something to encourage your friend to change her hair. I think that would be more effective than coming from you.
  12. I guess it depends on how good a friend you guys are. I've told my bestest friend straight up if I think something does not suit her. She sometimes listen, and sometimes doesn't.. but anyway.

    I think your friend may be a little scared to try something new, and a lot of people are. I think the best approach is to show her pics and comment on how great she'd look with that style as others have already mentioned. Maybe get the stylist in it and have him comment on it too. Perhaps the fact that a professional is the one making the suggestion might help her feel more comfortable about changing. Good luck!
  13. Maybe suggest a girls day out to get make overs and take her to a new salon that specializes in more updated cuts. Tell her she deserves it for the weight loss.
  14. This post reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with Wendy Malick. She had this huge outdated hairstyle and no one could bring themselves to tell her. They decided to bring in Kramer who they knew for sure would say something without thinking about it but it backfired when he told her he loved her hairstyle.

    Get her to try on a new hairstyle using those softwares where you upload your pic and you can test drive a new look without actually doing anything to your hair. Good luck!