Can You swim ??

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  1. I love to swim all year round, My favourite is the back stroke.

    Can you Swim ?
  2. I swam competitively for 17 years, all the way through college. Then I lose interest, too much work. :lol:
  3. :cry: i can't swim, it was suppose to be a goal of mine to learn to swim this year, but its been totally put off until i return from my travels - im actually quite embarrassed by it - yet i just posted it up!!! :shame: i think everyone should learn to swim esp when the beach is like less than an hour away!!!!
  4. No, I actually took lessons and don't know how. lol I only took them, though, because of the hot guys in the class. hehe
  5. I love swimming~! :biggrin:
  6. Yeah,
    I can swim, and I have a pool, but I guess I take it for granted, and dont take the time to do it.
  7. What a funny thread! I'm "not a strong swimmer" as I tell people. I took lessons, I can swim across a pool freestyle, but I can't tread water. It's hard for me.
  8. I like to swim but I don't like wearing a bathing suit and my contact lenses irritates me whenever I swim. I'm not a strong swimmer either just good enough to save someones life when needed. DArn, I should swim, it's great for the legs and arms :biggrin:
  9. Yes i can i was a full-time lifeguard a few years ago.
  10. I love fav in the pool is the breastroke. I swam competively in high school...and I love swim workouts during the summer time. And plus, I I hafta to know how to swim!! =)
  11. I've been swimming competively since I was 7, and last summer I was a lifegaurd. My favorite is breast stroke, then back stroke. I hate freestyle though!
  12. I taught myself how to swim when I was about 7 years old. I love swimming, but I don't have a pool now. My highschool had a heated indoor pool, and I had gym class first thing in the morning. It was heaven getting to swim in the morning for two weeks when we did a swimming unit.
  13. yes. I'm a little fish. :smile:
  14. Yes, and I love the backstroke too!
    Both of my parents cannot swin and are afraid of the water.
    I guess that is why when my brother and I were old enough, they sent us both for swimming lessons!
    Thanks Mom and Dad!
  15. Yes, I love to swim and I love the beach :love: