Can you suggest a wallet for me?

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  1. I would like to get a monogram canvas wallet. The Zippy looks fab but pricey and I don't need to carry my checkbook with me, so I was hoping you guys could suggest another wallet that will meet my needs.

    I need it to have a place for bills, a place for change, a zippered compartment to keep receipts, and about 6 or more credit card slots.

    Thank you. :biggrin:
  2. The Koala has 9 CC slots , the French wallet is most popular with only 4 CC slots. Some people use one slot for 2 cards although I like being able to see mine at a glance. The Compact Zippe has 5 CC slots. All 3 have pockets for holding bills and change.
  3. I have the French Purse and its perfect. You can fit 4 credit cards but then it has two hidden pockets where you can keep even more. Its the perfect size.
  4. PTI is nice...
    [​IMG] holds a ton :smile:
  5. koala!!
  6. wallets dont have enough CC slots for me >.< pity~~~
    using gucci now....
  7. I'm getting ready to order the Koala! Took me 5 days to make that decision and now I'm trying to figure out if I want my monogram hot stamped on it...
  8. I agree. I love my French wallet too.:love:
  9. I have the koala and i Love it! It holds a lot and the cards come out really easily.
  10. i'm in LURVE with the red epi koala, saving up $$ to get that! can i ask if anyone has any probs with the hardware? seeing how shiny and pretty the clasp is, and how terribly clumsy i am, do i have to keep it in the dustbag all the time to prevent it fr scratching? *lol*
  11. Koala for me!!! :love: (I have loads of cards... not all cc, unfortunately :lol: )

  13. I have the Porte Papier Zippe Purse, which I love. It is a similar design to the French Purse, but has 6 credit card slots and a zippered coin compartment.
  14. Remember you've gotta pay those cc cards back:sad2:
  15. Yeah, that's right... I only have one and it's not even "credit" card as the bank automatically debits the amount from my account at the end of the month (not that I chose that, it's the system in this strange country!!!)
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