can you still find cherise cherries @ lv?

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  1. What month did they discontinue the cherries line?

    Also, can you still get some items from this line at the stores?

    I would love to have a cles or pochette accessories. Thanks! And happy 4th...
  2. I think in March they had one pochette cerises left here. Depending on where you're located, you could call the LV helpline and ask them to help you find one.
    I'm not sure but I think the line was made only for/in 2005. Good luck :flowers:
  3. Is the LV helpline international or only for US?
  4. If you're in Australia it's sold out:censor::crybaby: .If you're in US I think they're ( ceries pochette) still available,call the LV helpline.GOOD LUCK!
  5. I want the cerises speedy..! :hysteric: I think it's totally sold out worldwide..? :crybaby:
  6. My LV still has the cerises silk scarf.
  7. Really? How much is it retailed for?
  8. I think the speedy is probably sold out. But hey, with all these new speedies (damier in two sizes, epi colors, fall lines), I'm sure some people will want to sell theirs, especially in the fall. Then you could get a good deal on ebay, for example, or here.

    They still have the cerises scarf? Wow. I'm on a spending ban right now after having just bought the cerises speedy, otherwise I would have asked which store ;)
  9. I just ordered a Cerises Accessories Pochette from Sak's in Atlanta. Here's their #: 404-467-5439.
  10. I guess you are right..! :yes: I just gotta keep on hoping... ;)

    And gotta do lots and lots of research to learn to tell the authentic from the fakes. It just seems much easier getting from the boutique... LOL I need to be 100% sure that I'm carrying an authentic... :shame: Hey, mind to tell me where you research on differentiating the real and fake? Thanks in advance...
  11. Checking here, comparing authenticated ones with fake ones, then you can read the allison_v guide on ebay, she often posts here as well, not buying from bad sellers, etc. etc. It takes a little detective work...
  12. How much are the pochette accessories now and how much were they when they first came out?
  13. I know pochettes were $425.00 Canadian when they were still in stores and I think you can still get them for around retail on eBay.
  14. Thanks... *hugs*
  15. The only item i've still seen in the stores are the Pochettes and the Sac Plats (not sure if they're still around though). For the rest of the items, such as the Speedy, Cles, and round coin purse, your best luck is eBay!