Can you still buy an ink brand new?

  1. Do any stores still carry an ink? I would love an ink city but I thought this was an older color?
  2. ink is a s/s '06 color, so it will be hard to find in stores now :girlsigh:...but i know that "Barney's" in nyc still has some left, but not in the city should call my SA, martin, he's wonderful!!! :smile:
  3. there is 1 ink city left at Holt Renfrew in Toronto (@ Yorkdale mall). No idea if they'll ship it anywhere...
  4. Barneys NY has a box, first, courier and something that the SA described as an open tote. I have no idea what it could be.

    they were not very nice :rant:
  5. How would you describe the leather? I was in Barney's here in Chicago recently and all their bags looked really distressed and there was only one I thought was kind of nice. (They didn't have any ink though).
  6. To be honest, it wasn't fantastic. I am a HUGE fan of the ink colour but this bag in particular was very crackly looking. I suppose that's why it was the last one left. The colour itself was gorgeous, but the leather seemed "delicate" and was veiny.
  7. Thanks. I hate buying anything sight unseen and having a PFer to scope it out is a big help.