Can you *stand* to look at another adorable Azur Speedy..... with YUMMY Pastilles???

  1. Both came today, one from LV Boston (Pastilles), the other from elux. I cannot wait to use this tomorrow. :yahoo::love:

    I'll put a hot pink or leopard print Joey Jr organizer inside.

    Reppin' the 978 in MA with LV !!:roflmfao:
    Also have Damier brown to share the Pastille love.
  2. super cute, don't you love it! congrats! love the pastilles on it!
  3. Very cute!!! Congrats!:yahoo:
  4. I love it! GORGEOUS! It really makes me want the pastilles!!!
  5. It's gorgeous, the pastilles look like candy!! Now I want some M&Ms :lol:
  6. gorgeous, I just love the pastilles:nuts:
  7. haha! you so just beat me to saying that! except i was gonna say sweet tarts! :nuts::shame:
  8. Oh yes! That's a lovely combo:yes: Enjoy!!!
  9. Congrats!

    Very cute... Glad someone is charming it with the pastilles... Thinking I made a mistake ordering it. Now I can't wait for it to come.:flowers:
  10. OT: Does anyone know if the pastilles went up with the price increase? I believe it was US$375. I know seasonal items were not supposed to but the perfo speedy did so!?!
  11. i love it, it's gorgeous!

    the pastilles, can that be used as an extender for the pochette?

  12. Bueller?...Bueller?
  13. Congrats.
  14. congrats on the purchases! i gotta get a pastilles, it's so cute!
  15. love the pastilles.....congrats