Can you stand more Pom Pics?

  1. Here is my itch from yesterday.

    As you heard it is very hard to capture the matches my favorite nail color perfectly, as shown here! Opi, I am not really a waitress.



  2. Wow, twinkle.tink, that is gorgeous. Congrats!

    What color is your nail polish and brand?
  3. Beautiful color....I think I may get a cles in that color! :yes:
  4. ohhh its soo cute!
    I absolutely adore that color. It matches perfectly with your nails!
  5. that's my fav. polish, too!!! i get it on my toes. :yes: i really love your agenda! and rings- they;re lovely, too!
  6. Opi, I'm not really a waitress :smile:
  7. Wow your nails look fabulous against your agenda! Congrats.. it's gorgeous.. I'm really liking the new color! YUM!
  8. Wooowooo talk about hot, the nails and the agenda. This pushes me more to get an agenda in pom :biggrin:
  9. Soooo stunning! Congrats!
  10. Congrats, Mary. BTW your ring is GORGEOUS!
  11. Yeah Congrats! I love to see this as I am waiting for mine to arrive!

    I can't wait to see an actual bag!!
  12. I love the color!!! :love: Ahhhh... I so want the zippy and cles right now!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    And are you saying the nail polish is called "Opi, I'm not really a waitress" OR you're really not a waitress? I'm confused... :confused1:

    And NICE RING!!!
  13. Shoot! Forgot to show the cute mechanical pencil I got that matches so well, too! I will take pics now...check for them in a few minutes.
  14. lol I think thats the name of the nailpolish! ^^
  15. The nail polish brand is OPI, and the color is I'm not really a waitress....and I am def. not a waitress! I don't even do the dishes, lol!