Can You Stand More Info on the New MC Bags? Prices too!!!

  1. Yippee! I finally got a chance this morning to look at the look book so I wrote down info while my SA was talking to me ---

    As you all may know, there are 4 new MC bags coming April 1st:

    1) MC Handbag $1,950 --- has adjustable shoulder strap (part chain), also has two short handles like the speedy, has a big press clip closure

    2) MC Neo Audra $1,800 --- has side pulls, press clip closure, similar to the regular Audra

    3) MC Shoulder Bag $1,170 --- think Tikal GM, but a bit bigger and easier access with the longer zipper

    4) MC Shoulder Bag Exotics $4,500 --- similar to #3 Shoulder Bag, but with alligator or crocodile trim
    Black MC trims: light pink, lilac, light green
    White MC trims: dark pink, blue, violet

    These new MC bags didn't quite grab me. This is one of those we have to see IRL to decide we really like them or not. Glad I wasn't overly in love with them! Good for pocketbook! :yes:
  2. Thanks for the info!
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  4. Thanks for the info, Pursenut!
  5. yeah, thanks for new info!
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  7. ooh interesting! But yikes! They are definitely keeping MC a pricier line! I guess it makes sense to not compete with the regular mono and damier lines... just too bad for MC lovers.. :sad:
  8. thanks for the info!!!
  9. Thanks for the info
  10. Great info! Thanks! I think the shoulder bag will be interesting!
  11. Cool! Thanks for sharing! I cant wait to see how they look... :nuts:
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  13. Thanks for the info. I'll take a look when I go to a boutique next month.
  14. You're all welcome!! Too bad I couldn't take pics ---SA was right there talking to me while I wrote down the prices. These new MC bags were different looking. The shoulder bag was interesting....
  15. Thinking of the shoulder, but DH said no more LV bags. C'mon tax refund! Haha!