Can you stand another wedding shoe advice thread?

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  1. Hi all!

    I know, these threads have been done before, but I definitely need some quick help for my wedding which is May 3. It was all planned very last minute (thanks a bunch, DF), and now I'm scurrying trying to find a shoe so I can get my dress altered. I definitely want a CL, and I definitely want to be able to wear it again. I love sexy shoes and do not want anything too "traditional". My dress is ivory, but it's hard to match ivory (and not have the fabric be too "creamy" or "ecru" and I didn't necessarily want an ivory shoe anyway. Unconventional or colored is OK, I even think for the brief moment(s) the shoe would be seen, a unique shoe would be really cute, under my fairly traditional wedding dress. Platforms would be most comfortable, and preferred, and I am mainly starting a new thread for this since it would have to be a shoe that's available now. A "Tiffany" blue No Prive or Yoyo Zeppa would be cute, but I've never seen this shade in a CL (I know there were blue soled wedding shoes, but I wasn't really fond of the style I saw).

    I also fell in love with the Mouche and the Blush Paillete Prives, but the shade of the Mouche looked too dark and the Blush is probably just silly (although I did briefly consider She's Back just to be silly. :P

    OK, now I'm really losing you, I'm sure, but I would REALLY appreciate any advice. I'm sorry that I don't have any pics of my dress right now, but it's ivory, satin, very fitted corset bodice with some jewels on the top of the bust and the bottom just where the bodice meets the skirt. Full, long skirt with some billowing in the back. I know this is probably no help, but if anyone can provide some miracle advice, you guys can!

    Thanks SO MUCH! :heart:
  2. This will definitely grab attention when it peeks out of the dress (I'm thinking it's a long dress?). It's also something blue! :smile:

    (Picture is from NGG bay auction)
    decollete zeppa blue silver.JPG
  3. Haha! Oh my! Yes, they would certainly get attention! And yes, the "something blue" would be covered! The dress is full-length (very long), so the shoes would almost never show. I do think I want a peep toe, or open toe though, and I'm not in love with the silver contrast on the shoes.

    Thank you so much for your suggestion!
  4. Here's a peep toe CL blue:

  5. And here's a style I would like for my wedding lol:

  6. What color are your flowers? I think it would be really fun to have pink flowers and pink shoes, for example--or red--or whatever. It would be striking and original!

    ^^^These pink shoes would be gorgeous with pink peonies and roses. (Just a thought.)
  7. Here are peep-toes... Click to shop! :flowers:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. O/T xplo - how do you just post the pictures without saving them on your computer? TIA. I'm computer illiterate.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. What about the pewter new simples if your jewelry is white gold.
  11. I love these shoes and found them on eBay but I think they can be located in stores. Congrats! Keep us posted on what you decide. What size are you looking for in CLs again?

  12. The Very Noeud also comes in Red, Yellow, Bright Blue and Blue.

    There is a similar style to the Mouche called Ambrosina which has a covered platform like the Very Prive instead of the Zeppa style. My SA sent me an image of them in a satin beige colour (they are gorgeous by the way).

    AMBROSINA (Small).jpg
  13. Sorry for so many post but since you are located in LV, have you stopped by the new boutique at Palazzo? I'm sure they have tons of new stock right now since they just opened.