Can you stand another SOPHIE thread? (with modeling pics!)

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  1. I waitlisted at two stores, Ala Moana on Oahu & Shops at Wailea on Maui... AM hasn't called (yet? *fingers crossed*) but the SW called on the 1st & I picked up my damier Sophie yesterday! :yahoo:

    Here are the requisite unpacking pics, soon to be followed by modeling pics from my mother & I. :p

    My mom is 5'6" and I am 5'0", so I thought it would make a good contrast. ;)
    sophiebox.JPG sophiecover.JPG sophieset.JPG sophieMadeIn.JPG sophieplate.JPG
  2. Here come the modeling pics!

    This is Sophie with my mother.
    sophie1.JPG sophie2.JPG sophie4.JPG sophie5.JPG
  3. And this is Me! with my Sophie!! :yahoo:
    sophie6.JPG sophie7.JPG sophie8.JPG sophie9.JPG
  4. It's gorgeous! I"ve been away from LV for awhile and hadnt realized the sopie came out in damier!! Is it limited availability again? Are they the same price as mono sophie?
  5. Hahah! One fun thing to note is that Sophie is actually LESS EXPENSIVE if purchased from Maui boutiques than from Oahu boutiques. Oahu recently had a mini tax-hike, so their tax is something around 4.5 or 4.7%, while Maui is still 4.166%. So, including tax, Sophie came out to $416!

    Woohoo! :yahoo:

    And yup, I've heard that this release had under 150 pieces total dispersed in HI.
  6. yay you picked her up! your mom looks fab with Sophie too. if AM calls you with another one, you must get it for Mom!

    i like your watermark. the way you placed it i thought it was Roxy Sophie lol.
  7. We'll never get tired of threads that are of cute bags!!!

    Congrats! These are such great pics!
  8. Congrats! You are very lucky to get one. Damier Sophie looks so great on both you and your mother!
  9. yay congrats!!!! you two look lovely with sophie :smile:
  10. Thanks for the modeling pics, I like it! congrats on your new bag!
  11. Congrats! Such a beautiful, elegant looking bag. Enjoy!
  12. I just LOVE this bag so much!!! Congrats girl - it looks amazing on you (and your Mom)!!!:tup:
  13. that bag is soo cute!
  14. Yay, tell your mom to wear it to work. She'll be soooo hip! You won't regret this one!!!

  15. Congrats!