Can you stand another rouge H Kelly!!

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  1. I finally got my gorgeous ROUGE H Kelly! I absolutely LOVE the shade in the Chevre leather! Chevre feels so durable and has a nice structure to it. I had a rouge H kelly in 28cm and let her go to buy my Potiron Kelly. I missed the color so much. Rouge H is such a must have color! I finally was able to get one in 32cm. I took pictures without flash so you can see the color. This color never photographs right with flash. The second pic is with my Iphone and I think it actually took the most accurate pic.

    32cm Chevre kelly, rouge H, Palladium hardware


  2. How beautiful!! Love the colour!!
  3. It's perfect!!! SO glad you got and love it -- it is really gorgeous, :heart::heart::heart:....
  4. Gorgeous!! Enjoy her :tup:
  5. :drool: !!!
    I :heart: it !!!
    Congrats Lucci :yahoo: !!!!!!
  6. Congrats, you lucky lady!
  7. Congratulations Luccibag!

    Rouge H is such a pretty color.
  8. Dont worry we can. Congratulations!!
  9. ...congrat....very special bag....:tup::heart:

  10. Gorgeous - congrats, L!
  11. I can't get enough H red. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing.
  12. She really is a beauty! Congratulations! I love rouge H too... The color is so versatile; it can either be bright red or a nice maroon, depending on the lighting!
  13. Love red - gorgeous bag.... Congrats!
  14. Wow! That's so gorgeous! Congrats!:woohoo:
  15. Be still my heart:heart:

    I love it too pieces!!!