Can you stand another "I LOVE my Paddy" thread?

  1. Some of you may already have pieced it together, but here's my story all in one place. After lusting after a Chloe Paddington for many months and thinking it was just way, way too much money to spend on a "purse", I happened last December to sell a watch I had owned on eBay for much, much more than I expected. What to do with that abundance of unexpected funds in my Paypal account? Why, shop for a Chloe Paddington!

    I came here to tpf to learn more about the bag, the brand, the deals and the unfortunate mountain of fakes and fakers on eBay. But I did my research well and I purchased a perfectly lovely, brand-new Jeans Moyen from a very reputable eBay seller. The bag was great, but the color was much too blue-gray for my coloring and my wardrobe. (Keep in mind, there's NO PLACE around here to see Paddys IRL.) I couldn't imagine returning the bag to the original seller, so I carried her for about 3 weeks, feeling the whole time like my arm was going to fall off from the weight and feeling secretly very unhappy about my color choice. Eventually, I decided that suffering this was ridiculous, and I put her up for resale on ebay. Since she was slightly used, I swallowed about a hundred bucks and sold her off to a very, very sweet and appreciative buyer.

    At first it was just "farewell." I canceled my emails from the Chloe boards and went on my merry way. But after a few weeks, I really started missing it here. At first I came back to tpf maybe once a week, and then I was visiting the Chloe boards, and before long I was on here every day, reading more and more about Paddingtons. And I realized that maybe had I been more in love with the color of the bag, it might not have felt so heavy and uncomfortable on my arm! The more I read, the more I looked, the more I learned, the more I knew MY perfect Paddy would have to be a 2005 Chocolate. Perfect color for me, and I really wanted that melty, smooshy, fall-in-on-itself-in-a-heap kind of bag. Lucky, lucky, lucky me -- I found a pre-loved bag from a very honest tpf-er, we agreed on terms, and the bag was on its way to me!

    So, can I show her off now?







    The close-ups I took of the lock and the heatstamp, etc. came out terribly, but these photos show the beautiful texture of the leather, the slight fraying around some of the studs, and the subtle discoloration of some of the studs. All of which are details that I love!

    I know I must have chosen a great bag, because before I even received it, I had a very generous offer from another tpf-er to buy it from me. Sorry, sweetie, but she's staying with me. To you and all the others still hunting for your perfect Chloe, I am SURE she is out there. Just keep looking, but keep your wits about you. The numbers of fakes and fakers out there is sickening.

    Final note: My 13-yo DD (a little COACH addict ;) ) saw me carrying the bag this morning and said, "Mom... isn't that the, uh, same bag as the one you had before?" And when I said, "Hang on, I'll tell you the whole story" she replied with, "But the color on this one is so much better. It is so much more YOU!"
  2. Oh, your Paddy is simply perfect. I am so thrilled that you were able to find "The One" for you! Congratulations!! :yahoo:
  3. That's a really lovely bag! Glad you settled for something you REALLY like:wlae: :wlae:
  4. Congratulations!! Glad that you found the one for you. It does make all the difference in the world. :smile:
  5. What a wonderful story. :crybaby: Chloe Paddington, spreading Chloe love every where. :p She is one beautiful bag.
  6. That bag is simply stunning!!

  7. awww a modern fairy tale turned good

    Congrats - she is beautiful
  8. Great story! I'm so glad that you found the perfect bag for you. I also have a chocolate 05 and I LOVE it!
  9. So beautiful congrats!
  10. Oh no, not another I love my paddy thread :rolleyes:

    Like we're going to complain? :roflmfao:

    It's beautiful and such a gorgeous rich colour. I hope you'll be very happy together.
  11. ahhh, thats what I love about the paddy, so many fab stories we hear about peoples experience of them, and how they love them when they find the right one :biggrin:

    congrats on finding the perfect bag for you
  12. Haha! Great story! I was in suspense thinking you've decided you hate paddies! So glad you decided to keep the 05, Beth! It's such a gorgeous bag! 06 is pretty but not near as smooshy! Although, I've heard 06 is lighter?

    Congratulations! :yahoo:

    Oh, this place is addictive. You can't get away that easily!!!
  13. How strange, my story is almost the exact same as yours---but I gave up a khaki green then came back and swooned when the blue jeans moyen came out. Isn't it amazing how you didn't love your blue jeans and mine is still my absolute favorite, I wear it all the time with jeans and would never give her up.
  14. lovely story and bag!
  15. Love the story, Love the bag. Huge congratulations.:heart: