Can you spot the probem in this auction?

  1. They have a completely different bag in one of the pictures.:wtf:
  2. LOL-you should see what my camera does with colors-I have to be very careful with which ones I chose on my listings, or you'd think I was also taking pics of different bags!
    Could be the difference of flash or no flash.
  3. Duplicate post...
  4. Oh, but just in case you're considering this, the price is too high for a 2 year old, lightly stained used bag listed by a seller with a feedback of 5.
  5. and the pictures are of poor quality. humm....
  6. this picture of the silver tag bothers me, and i really don't think it's indigo, need some more pics but i think it may be fake
  7. It's very hard to photograph these bags - and I do think the color issue is due to flash photography.

    Terrible pictures - and not enough to begin to establish authenticity.

    I agree that $1000 is way too high a starting bid for that bag, but the seller did choose a best offer option, too.
  8. I don't think that's a diff bag, I think it's just the flash, but I agree that the pics are lousy and there's no way to tell if it's authentic
  9. She emailed me and said it was the flash.:confused1:
  10. It looks like a real Balenciaga, but she didn't take good enough pictures for me to say that with 100% confidence. (she shoulda gotten a better shot of the silver tag, as well as a bale shot and rivet shot, if possible)

    But...Balenciaga colors are very complex and often do photograph totally differently when flash is used versus not used. I.e., the "anthracite" bags from the current season can look either pitch black, hunter green, or navy blue depending on the lighting.
  11. Okay, first of all let me state I am not the seller of this bag, I am not affliated with them, etc - and I'm not defending them... :p

    I did want to point out that Balenciaga bags, especially go for varying amounts, some of the older colors and go for almost double the original retail price... So, for a 2005 bag (aside from condition) since it is one of the most coveted years, would actually usually go for above retail... Again, I'm not defending this person or their auction, just pointing that out!!

    Anyhow... photographing Bbags is tough, the color changes from flash to no flash and depending on the lighting... That being said, this bag really can't be authenticated, because some of the defining features that need to be looked at are curiously out of the picture... This is also at least the second time this bag has been listed... I'm not sure if this bag has been addressed in the Authenticate This section of Balenciaga....

    Unfornuately, its hard to say on certain bags on just the information that is provided on eBay. This bag has the code "Y", which technically makes it a 2006 bag (if its real), and it could be Ink. I've owned a Indigo (2005 color) and an Ink bag, and I could 99% say that this bag is NOT Indigo...

    Anyhow.... who knows if the pictures are the same bag or not... The colors sure look different, Ink is a cameleon color... so it is hard to know.
  12. I am definitely not an expert on B bags, but I do know from my own experience that it is really hard to photograph blues and purples. At least with my limited photography skills!
  13. yeah, but you can still get much better pics than the ones she posted just need to take some time with it and take lots of pics in different lights.
    i agree that it looks like ink though, i have ink now and have also had indigo and i would be very surprised if it were indigo,
    i was just concerned that the tassels that i could see looked too thick, maybe it was the angle of the photo though..... i'm waiting for her to send me some more pics as we speak but there seems to be some heel dragging going on