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  1. bag that has been discontinued??? I've never thought of this but I'm trying to figure out what someone can do if she wants to purchase a bag that is no longer being produced and does not want to go through ebay. Thanks in advance! :huh:
  2. nope...unfortunately! Once they've decided to discontinue something, they won't make it again. =( I was trying to do a special order continental viennois wallet in yellow epi which they used to have but they won't do it since it's been discontinued.
  3. I wish they would make some discontinued items again, But they have to be discontinued for a reason.
  4. One time when I was at LV about a year or so ago I wanted a Cabas Alto and the SA told me that it was discontinued but could be special ordered. I don't know if it is true or if he was misinformed.
  5. I know for a fact that you can SO an Alto (my SIL just did).
  6. My best friend special order a Mizi monogram from a seller on ebay. it should arrive by july.