Can you SO a wallet?

  1. Is it possible to SO a wallet? I would like something like the passport organizer; it looks like it would hold so much! But it seems only to come in mono canvas? Might it be possible to SO it in epi? Thanks!
  2. I don't think so.... I thought it was mentioned in a previous thread that LV doesn't do special orders for accessories. I think special orders are only for select purses. Call LV to verify...
  3. I don't know if you can SO it. But i know it comes in mono and damier.
  4. No SO on LV accessories!
  5. sorry the others are right. You cant so an LV accessorie except for the cosmetic bags at certain sizes.
  6. I think the guys that posted before me are right
  7. if these orders are so "special" then why are they so restricted?
  8. Nope, no SOs for accessoires. I asked not long ago, and the manager told me it was a no go. :sad:
  9. ITA:confused1:
  10. The passport organizer comes in Epi leather, I have this


  11. There is also a passport holder in Taiga or Utah as well.

    You can SO in exotic skins though in a pre-existing style. My BIL was looking into an alligator wallet.
  12. Yup. I remember calling about an alligator billfold, and only one was on hold for a customer in Beverly Hills... what a man with great taste! :nuts:
  13. so true.
  14. totally agree i mean if it's hard to make or harder to produce material just increase the price if people are prepared to pay it let them
  15. Interesting, thank you! It looks very different from the mono passport organizer pictured online.