Can you SO a double sens??

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  1. Was wondering if you can special order a double sens tote? I would be really cool to select your own color combo??
  2. By right, it's possible to special order all type of Hermes bags except this is usually a special request which your local Hermes may not be able to confirm till H Paris say they will accept. Check with your local H for them to inquire directly with H Paris.
  3. The general rule of FsH is that SOs are only available for B and K. But those who know Hermes long enough knows that such "rules" are sometimes subject to exceptions.

    I am sure if you buy the entire H rose gold jewelry collection, you can probably request anything you want.

    good luck trying! If you don't try, you never know!
  4. That is a great question! I have to call my SA about some carinas today so I will ask about this.