can you show us how your antic cervo deer skin bags look like since you bought them?

  1. can you help a girl decide on whether she should spend all that money on an antic cervo deerskin satchel by showing her how yours has held up since you bought it/them?

    i know that there was a thread to this effect a few weeks back, and most of the responses were positive. but now, i found out that my own antic cervo cocoa wallet had scuffed around the corners and edges after only a month. and i heard that the bag is no better....


  2. Hi Bagpunk,
    This is how Pradapsyco responded to my similar question in the other thread about the Anic cervo wallet:

    roxmdav123, If you ask 10 different antik cervo owners that question, you'll get ten different answers. I'm beginning to wonder if the problem comes from a particular dye lot or point of production of this line. It's hard to believe how variable the answers are on this line is when it comes to durability. As beautiful as it is and as much as I love it, I'll keep my wallet, bag and consider myself done with the antik cervo line. I've had much better luck with the solid/one color bags.

    I'm not so sure I want to spend $2460 on the antic cervo satchel (I've been thinking about that bag for the longest time...), given this reveiw. That's too much money to spend and then have to treat the bag with kid gloves because you're worried about how it will wear.
  3. i saw that... thanks rox! sigh. i was so pleased with myself for finding that other shade... and now i am not so sure, and am going to get a tad paranoid when carrying my existing antik flat hobo.

    i had it with me flying somewhere, and it had to go through those icky x-ray machine thing. it was dumped and dragged and i almost screamed. but it came out OK. for now.

    didn't PP said that she had hers fixed with some shoe polish? i am wondering if this means getting the darkening back or the scratches removed...