Can you show me your 2004's Cities?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have a chance to buy a 2004 Turquoise City, but i'm not an expert and I really want to see some other bags of the same year before.

    Can you help me with some pics of yours, hardware in particular?

    Thank you very much, Ele
  2. Thank you very much indeed, Aki_sato!! Your bags are really gorgeous!!!
  3. I don't have time to post this morning, but if you search my user name for recent posts, you'll find my pics. I have 5 o4 citys with pewter:smile:
  4. ^^ here's my minty black '04 city :wlae:
    DSCN2802.jpg DSCN2803.jpg
  5. aki_sato, your lilac is amazing!!!!! I think that may be the best one I have seen yet - now I want one even more:crybaby:!!!
  6. aki - i loooove your lilac with the little tiger keychain!! sooo adorable :shame:
  7. Thank you Blukiwi, CoutureObsessed, and Verty :flowers:

    I was very lucky to be able to find them two..:happydance:

    CoutureObsessed, don't worry, you will find your Lilac too, it is just a matter of time *will keep an eye for you :woohoo:

    Verty, isn't it cute? I am addicted to this Nicci plush keyring :girlsigh: