Can you show me photos of your Black Veneta's?

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  1. Hi, I'm new to Bottega Veneta but have fallen in love with the sumptious leather in your photos.

    I think I want to get a Black Veneta but apart from seeing a few on this forum do not know anything about them (or even if that is the correct name).

    I am interested in the ones the same as this photo - borrowed from another PFer.

    I would appreciate it if you could post some photos of these bags inside and out and let me know if there are different sizes etc.

    Sorry but I am not near anywhere that would sell this designer.

    I would appreciate your help.
  2. I can't see any handbag. The link takes me to a checkbook cover.
  3. If you go to the thread "What's IN your Bottega Veneta" at the top of this forum - you'll see a bunch of photos of my large Black Veneta on page one. :heart:
  4. Sorry about that it must have been in my clipboard from another thread I answered.
  5. Oooh I love that bag. Can you tell me how large it is? I'm not sure if I want a large or medium.
  6. Welcome Ali-bagpuss! Go to "BV in Action" sticky thread and you’ll see fellow tPF-er Nymph hotly rocking her Large Veneta in Black (I think she is nearly 6 feet tall). You’ll also see me with my medium Limo Veneta and I’m 5’51/2”. HTH.
  7. Great thanks I'll do that now.
  8. i think i saw one on ebay but it was a small
  9. Oooh I'll take a look at ebay - thanks.